CBN Universial Grinding Wheel B91 A/F V2166 U

The new V2166 bond will make high performance corundum and CBN to an universal grinding wheel.

This wheel close the gap between conventional and the previous CBN grinding wheels.

Advantages of V2166:

A wide range of variety of different materials can be grind with the V2166 grinding wheel.

  • Low and high-alloyed steel, tempered an untempered
  • Stainless Steels.
  • Powder-metallurgical steels, tempered an untempered
  • Cast and cast steel
  • Inconel
  • Sintered covers, chrome, etc

Grinding and Dressing:

A wide range of variety of diff erent materials can be grindwith the V2166 grinding wheel.

  • Higher dressing intervals as on conventional grinding wheels
  • Lower immersion during dressing
  • Profile dressing with modified CVD dressing disc
  • Straight dressing with different standard dressers

Fields of applications:

  • Universal use for cylindrical plunge-, internal cylindrical- and surface grinding . Small and middle lot sizes. Suitable für machining center in fact of the low abrasion oft he grinding wheel.