Glass machining tools


Glass machining tools

Today there are many suppliers offering glass machining tools in standard layouts. Years ago we broke those standards and we decided to develop new innovative tools with our partners. We provide all tools for the machines in market. Equal in diamond or polish area. We provide the solutions you need to optimize your grinding or polishing progress.

Available as:

  • Metal bond
  • Resinoid bond
  • Electroplated bond
  • bonded an bulk polishing agents and tools


Tool shapes

  • cut-off wheels
  • drills, system drills, blind hole drills, spot facers
  • cup wheels
  • molding cutters, stepping molding cutters, grinding heads
  • scope disks, seam disks
  • polishing disks, polishing felts, polishing pouder
  • tapes, pad's, sharpening stones, accessories



  • Reshaping, regeneration
  • technical advice and training


Product range:

  • Standard program available for immediate delivery
  • Custom-made product for individual applications