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Maximize the use
of your tools with ease

Would you like to increase the efficiency of your tools and extend their service life? With our reprofiling you can use your tools several times without losing quality.

The process is straightforward and user-friendly:

  1. Create order:
    Fill out the profiling order, specify the desired number of pieces and diameters of the tools and mark them with a cross (X).
  2. Prepare shipment:
    Pack the tools securely and enclose a copy of the profiling order.
  3. Inspection and confirmation:
    Upon receipt, we will check the tools for diameter and diamond coating. Please note that not all tools can be reprofiled indefinitely. After successful inspection, we will send you a detailed order confirmation.

In the confirmation you will also find information about tools that are no longer suitable for reprofiling. In such cases, we will offer you customized alternatives to purchasing new tools. After reprofiling, we will return the tools to you together with a clear and transparent invoice.

Environmentally conscious action: We dispose of tools that can no longer be reprofiled in an environmentally friendly manner. If you still wish to return them, we will send them to you within 2-3 weeks together with the reprofiled tools.

Transparent prices: Our prices are fair and are based on the tool diameter and glass thickness. We offer you a solid basis for the optimum use of your tools.

With our reprofiling, you not only get more out of your tools, but also contribute to a sustainable and environmentally friendly way of working.


Customised solutions
for your needs

Our contracts are more than just agreements; they are your key to efficient availability and optimised cost control. With our contracts, we always have the specified tools in stock so that we can make them available to you at short notice. The advantages are obvious:
  • Fast delivery: Your order is ready for despatch within 48 hours – a fast and reliable service that speeds up your processes.
  • Cost savings: Minimise administration and storage costs, and benefit from volume discounts and fixed prices over the agreed period.
  • Flexibility: Choose from two customised models to perfectly suit your requirements:
  1. Annual contracts: Ideal for peak demand and short-term projects. The agreed tools can be called up within one year.
  2. Contracts on cancellation: This option offers you long-term security of supply and is ideal for continuous production. We keep the agreed tools in stock until you cancel the contract.
Our contracts are not just a promise, but a partnership commitment that supports and optimises your business processes. With us at your side, you can concentrate on what really counts: Your production. We take care of the rest.


Your tools, always to hand
and exactly when you need them

Our innovative toolshop system revolutionises the way you manage and use your tools. With this system, we ensure that your production never comes to a standstill due to a lack of tools. Here are the highlights:
  • Immediate availability: Our solution ensures that you have immediate access to the tools you need at any time, right on site.
  • Automatic reordering: As soon as you remove a tool, our system records this process. The tools are reordered automatically and exactly as required, so you never have to place orders manually.
  • Continuous production: By avoiding bottlenecks, the production flow is always maintained. You can concentrate on your work; we take care of tool availability.
  • Complete solution: The Toolshop system consists of a laptop with warehouse management software, a hand scanner for barcode capture and one or more tool cabinets as required. Our Toolshop system is more than just an efficient solution; it is your partner in ensuring that you always have the right tools. It allows you to concentrate on the essentials: Your production. With the Toolshop system, everything runs smoothly and you are in control without having to worry about the details.

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